Monday, August 07, 2006

Cafe 1920 - The Curve

In Short:
Modest ambience, extremely bad Ice Lemon Tea, unattentive service.

If you had ever attended school in your life, scrap back the memory of the old day orange cordial in your school's canteen, this is exactly how the Ice Lemon Tea tasted like albeit the fresh sliced piece of lemon dropped in. Awful!

Ceasar Salad, fresh vege with Ceasar sauce on top, coupled with fresh sliced olives, chicken chunks and croutons. Not bad for a starter.

Timbollo, Lasagna baked with pancake crepe in tomato chicken. Texture is rather too mushy, it was okay in the beginning but not so half way.

Pizza Magherita, tasted a bit like Cheese Nan from Steven Corners, if its without the tomato paste. All I could taste off it the Mozarella cheese, insufficient tomato paste to compliment the heap of cheese on top and there are no real tomato to be seen, is that what a Traditional Magherita looks like?

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H3ctor said...

weh wehhh how come i dont remember being in this restaurant! u guys went without me!@#^&%$^#%@$^&@# ehhe i understand ;P but that timbolo looks yummy tho! :D