Saturday, August 26, 2006

Cafe 69 - Drinks

In Short:
Set in the world of 70s era, furnitures are retro funky on the inside and the usual silver square colored cafe's table settings. Staff are friendly and attentive while the drinks are of average quality.

The Drinks:

Vanilla Mango - Mixture of vanilla ice cream blended with mango in crushed ice. The presentation part of it had already failed my expectations. It looks nothing like a mango crushed nor does it taste like one blended with Vanilla ice cream. I could taste only a hint of mango, overall its a bland drink. Not recommended at all.

RM 7.90

Tropical Twist - Blended ice with kiwi and apple. Full of flavor, with enough hint of kiwi and the sweetness of apple. One of the best of what we have on the table.

RM 6.90

Minty Breeze - Mixture of Pineapple, Apple, Orange, Mint and Lemon Juice with Vanilla Ice Cream. Very sour and not enough thickness in consistency. This drink ends up broken into pieces as I accidentally knock it down on the table. Another point to make is that they use really cheap glass as once it lay on the table, the glass shattered.

RM 9.90


H3ctor said...

i agree the drinks are just so so except for mine which deserve minimal credits la.. nothin to shout about -.-"

magicwizard said...

sibuk jer ko ni awal2 lagi dah komen, aku baru post, tak sampeh 10 minit pun. hehehe...