Monday, August 28, 2006

Gasoline - Sg Wang

In Short:
Very nice environment, spooky setting, a great place to hang out with friends to have drinks and play cards (uno card, uno stacks and poker card are provided free). Drinks are excellent, at least those that we ordered and their finger food are really really tasty (am I lucky or what today?). Gasoline does gets my vote, definitely will return to hang out here.

The menu, spoooookky.

The Food:

Yam Samosa - Deep fried crispy popiah skin wrapped with mashed yam. Slightly sweet and crunchy, samosa filling are quite generous. Yummy!

RM 6.90(12 piece)

Marmite Chicken Wing - Deep friend chicken wing coated with Marmite sauce. Extremely delicious, hehe.. I just loved the balanced taste of saltness and sweetness from the Marmite sauce. Usually you get marmite sauce that either too salt or too sweet, or too bland, but this one is definitely of just enough taste. It's really finger licking good.

Small:RM 4.90 (2 chicken wing, cut into 4 pieces)
Large: RM 8.90 (4 chicken wing, cut into 8 pieces)

Strawberry soda - Strawberry syrup in soda, nothing special. Carbonated drink infused with strawberry syrup, full stop.

RM 4.50

Peace - Ice blended with Honey Peach and Peppermint. Very nice. Jelly give you something to chew on while the drink are ful of flavour, and the ice blended are very smooth.

RM 6.00

Virgin Honeymoon - Ice Blended with Honeydew and Orange. Similar to Peace, their Ice Blended range comes with jelly that gives you something to chew on while slurping down the glass. Another recommended item, this is very flavourfull and the ice blended are smooth and thick.

RM 6.00

Sg Wang, Root Top (Level 6). It in the old Cosmic Bowl area which gets an overhaul look and now spotting lots of trendy little shop. Gasoline sits at the end of the area.

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H3ctor said...

ahh i love this place! its really a nice place to hang out except for the air conditions super hard cold. u forgot to mention that the other side of the cafe s actually built in natures environment while the one we went appeared as spooky.. thumbs up~!