Saturday, August 19, 2006


In Short:
Pronounced Goose-tow, great customer service, kudos goes to Amy who served us. She's quick to recommending house items and very friendly. Above average food, lots of choice for drinks, appetizer is a killer and dessert is amazing. Huge projector screen provides visual entertainment and their outdoor dining area was dimly lighted and windy. Very romantic according to my friend, for me it was cooling and soothing dining place, never a romantic at heart.

The Food:

Green Dream - Fresh celery combined with apple juice and kiwi. Refreshing and cooling, strong celery taste, sweet and source thanks to the combination of apple juice and kiwi.

RM 7.90

P.M. Shake - Vanilla Ice Cream blended with apple and roasted almond completed with cream and almond flakes topping. Sweet, strong almond aroma and easy to slurp texture. Almond flakes gave you something to chew on while gulping down this house shake.

RM 7.90

A.M. Shake - Combination of orange, cranberry and lemon juice. Reminds me of Dome's Cranberry Cooler but this one frizz free and slightly more citrus taste. A fresh change from my usual Ice Lemon Tea.

RM 7.90

Tropicana Shake - Vanilla Ice Cream with banana and pineapple juice. Great for banana shake lover. Flavourful and tasty, blended to perfect slurping condition.

RM 8.50

Creama di Funghi - Blended wild mushroom with cream, topped with toasted crouton. A little watery but it was still tasty. Coarse mushrooms gave you something to chew on, overall it's not disappointing.

RM 8.50

Calamari Fritti - Deep fried calamari rings coated in batter served with Gusto Salsa Picante sauce. Loved it, loved it, loved it! A great starter I must say and I'm a squid lover. It doesn't tasted chewy that you usually get from overcooked squids. This one comes in perfect deep fried condition, crispy and crunchy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside, deep your ring in the salsa sauce, get it in your mouth and there you go, heaven! A little exaggerating I know, get over to Gusto and taste it for yourself.

RM 13.50

Roasted Duck Carbonara - Spaghetti in carbonara sauce topped with roasted duck. Tasted a little bland to me and I felt the carbonara sauce has a little too much cream in it.

RM 18.50

Aglio e Olio - Spaghetti tossed in garlic, herbs and chili olive oil. Additional toppings available in variations of Roasted Duck, Mushroom and some other items that I can't recall, each with a different price of course and this one comes with Mushroom (+ RM 2.50). I don't really like this one as it tasted only of Olive Oil while my friend was complaining it's not hot enough. Tabasco sauce and pepper does the trick for him though.

RM 16.50
+Mushroom (RM 2.50)

Lamb Shank - Braised lamb shank with vegetables and mashed potato. The normal lamb shank you'll get such as those in Secret Recipe.

RM 25.00

Italian Mix Platter - Grilled beef steak, chicken breast, tiger prawn, sausages and vegetable. Nice combination of everything grilled to perfection. I'd say the meats are tender and juicy especially the chicken breast. Prawn are fresh and the sauce are perfect to go with the grilled items. Portion are reasonable with the price as well.

RM 33.00

Panacota Pudding - My friend was giving me a rave review of how great and tasty this little glass of pudding in Gusto when he visited here last week. Of course I doesn't believe him and was saying you'd better be true. So here I am, scooping this red and white gem down in my mouth. It was awesome! Sweet, sour, creamy and milky soft pudding in strawberry sauce. A must try dessert if you come here and you'll immediately fall in love with this.

RM 6.90

How to get there?
If you came down from Penchala Link or the LDP into Mutiara Damasansara (you'll know when you see lots of RedBalls on the left side of the road), just head straight to the end of the road while keeping an eye for The Tropics sign board. Once you sees Tropics, you'll see Gusto along the road. Just park your car along the road side.

Gusto Bar & Bistro
Unit PG-01, Tropics Shopping Centre
03 - 7724 2878

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