Thursday, August 10, 2006

iZZi - Pizza, Pasta & Coffee

In Short:
Attentive and friendly service, very cosy and clean environment, huge plasma tv with enough volume to hear what's playing, above average food, and definitely will come back and hang out here with my lappy for the free Wi-Fi and bottomless Ice Lemon Tea @ RM5.90!!

The newly refurbished building besides Jalan Sultan Ismail, along the same row with Pizza Hut.

The Food:

Caesar Salad - Fresh and crisp Romaine lettuce combined with pickled anchovies strips and croutons tossed in Izzi's Caesar Dressing™, topped with shredded Mozarella cheese and black pepper. The dressing is a little too light and bland, definitely could use more texture to compliment the crispy lettuce.

Full Portion: RM 13.80
Half Portion: RM 10.80
Add on chicken: RM 6.50

Score: 3.5 out of 5

Baked Cheese Macoroni - Macoroni baked in creamy bechamel sauce with mozarella cheese and chicken bites. Tasted really good thanks to combination of the creamy bechamel sauce and cheese. Personally I'd prefer slightly more cheese on top and a bigger portion, perhaps they could consider using those deep plate to bake instead of the traditional lasagna bowl, still get my votes though.

One Size Only: RM 13.80

Score: 4 out of 5

Lasagna Bolognese - It's stated in their menu that it's layer of fresh pasta sheets served with cheese, bechamel, bolognese sauce and tomato. The menu image shows a lovely lasagna in a deep plate covered with tomato sauce which appear quite disappointed when served; no sauce to be seen. The lasagna looks dry but the texture happens to be just nice and not overcooked. Portion is ok but the chicken is too fine and lack of gravy makes me think twice before ordering this item again. Lasagna in Fasta Pasta is still the best.

One Size Only: RM 17.80

Score: 2 out of 5

Spicy BBQ Chicken Pizza (Chef Recommended) - Thin crust base baked firewood topped with smoked chicken, onions and sprinkle of coriander in rich and smokey Izzi Spicy BBQ Sauce™. Huge portion (we ordered large!) and very very very rich BBQ sauce. Not recommended to eat too much as the rich BBQ sauce tend to make u "jelak"! RM4 difference between a Regular and Large is definitely a value for money choice, go for Large!!

Regular: RM 23.80
Large: RM 27.80

Score: 3.5 out of 5

Spicy BBQ Chicken in action, waiting to be eaten.

Beef 'n Izzi Pizza (Chef Recommended) - Almost alike to the chicken version (read above), this one comes in Smoked Beef, Beef Salami, Spicy Beef chunks and Italian sausage covered in Mozarella cheese and Izzi's Spicy BBQ Sauce™. A very salty pizza due to the combination of BBQ sauce and the assortment of salt treated beef toppings. Half the pizza resulted in take away box, at least we didn't throw it away. Should have try their Marinara Pizza instead, it looks so yummy!

Regular: RM 21.80
Large: RM 31.80

The Drinks:
Izzi does serve bottomless drink with choices of Coke, Vanilla Coke, Sprite, 100 Plus, Sarsi and Ice Lemon Tea. Other than that, there's a variety of coffees and drinks that I'll just leave it for my next visit.

Will I go back?
Definitely, could be a great hang out place with its cosy environment and bottomless drink, nevertheless, their free WiFi is a plus point.

Where is this?
Jalan Sultan Ismail, same row with Pizza Hut. You will not miss this building as it is brightly lighten up with yellow and blue rectangle shaped neon covering almost the whole 4 floor building.

Phone: +603 - 2141 4111
Fax: +603 - 2145 4002


boo_licious said...

That's the problem with BBQ sauce. People tend to add too much. Dominos is one example - it's like half of the bottle of bbq sauce went into their pizzas!

Food looks interesting, was it packed since it's new?

H3ctor said...

owh gosh gosh cant believe i missed this one! didnt know this place actualy serves much better food despite its relatively dull look (wont realy be interested visitin if i not know bout the reputation). pizza looks crazy yummY!