Sunday, August 27, 2006

iZZi - Revisited

In Short:
Nice place to hang out at with bottomless Ice Lemon Tea or soft drinks selection and free wireless internet access. Food tasting this time around was above average and we got a steal for the the bill as they are still running their Buy 1 Free 1 main course promotions which ends on 31st August 2006.

The Food:

Chicken Steak with Linguini - Grilled Chicked Steak served with Mushroom sauce asides with tossed linguini in olive oil and freshly chopped parsley leaves. It was an average meal as I felt the chicken was rather over-cooked and slightly dry while the mushroom sauce was a little cakey.

RM 18.80

Clive Specials - Thin crusted pizza with hot spicy minced beef, smoked chicken and beef ham, mozarrela cheese and tomato paste. The minced beef is extremely salty and I've gotto combined this pizza with the Marinara version to balance out the salty taste. Personally, I do not like this for it salty taste but I guess this is what this version is about.

Regular : RM 24.80
Large: RM 31.80

Marinara Pizza - Shrimp, garlic, mussel, chili, mozarella cheese and tomato paste on a thin crusted base pizza. Toppings are generous and shrimps and juicy and fresh. Love this pizza, it looks good and taste like one too.

Regular: RM 25.80
Large: 32.80

Seafood Penne - Penne served with shrimps, mussels, sliced zuchini in Napoletana sauce. Nothing really to shout about except the shrimps which are fresh and juicy as the sauce are rather the usual Napoletana sauce you could buy off the rack or cooked up on yourself at home with good quality tomatoes.

RM 15.80

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