Monday, August 07, 2006

Jack's Place - One Utama (New Wing)

In Short:
Snobish waiter, extremely long wait time for food to reach your table, unattentive supervisor, average food, expensive and unfavorable ambience.

Coffee, strong and smooth, this definitely gets my vote.

Garlic bread that comes with the mushroom soup, too moist, cold, not crispy at all.

Mushroom soup served with a splash of cream, definitely not fresh one. Tasted a bit bland, my friends suggessted to add a little salt and pepper, which I did, and it turned out even more awful!

Combo steak, Chicken and Beef, nothing special. Except for the type of meat served.

New Zealand Tenderloin, again, only the meat makes the difference.

Sirloin, so so food.

Comments? Are you kidding me, they sure ain't gonna read it, where's the dustbin?


H3ctor said...

okay ur damn rite bout this one! freakin rude waiter who definitely didnt get any simple trainings on common serving decency and stupid supervisor who apologize to u n tell "Sorry, the food is on queue" when u ask of ur order whereabouts after 45 mins -.-" the HELL we know that every order was on queue, if he went to school and didnt skip english classes he'd understand that the real question was WHY THE F did it take ur EFFIN cock sooo long to serve it!?!? gosh okay, ya teh food sux definitely not worth the price..ambience zzzz..the only good thing about dining there was the cutie that sat besides our table ha!
rating 1.5/10 boo!

miSShka said...

yeah ur rite...the food sucks..the waiters are rude...we even saw cockroach near our table :O