Monday, August 21, 2006

O'Briens Irish Sandwich Bar

In Short:
Self service sandwich bar, lots of sandwich choices, average customer service attitude.

O'Brien in The Curve.

The Food:

Smoked Salmon Sandwich - Smoked salmon served in wholemeal bread coupled with romaine lettuce, cucumber and cream cheese. Tasty and filling. Potato chips as side dish kinda cool, but there's a banner in O'Brien that says "Guilt Free Food", is potato chips one of them? I don't know.

RM 11.50

Crambo Club Sandwich - Served in wholemeal bread and a slice of white bread in between, this one comes with turkey ham, turkey, onions, romaine lettuce, cucumber and cheese. There's a really crunchy texture in the filling which I suppose is turkey, very tasty. I'd give my thumbs up for this.

RM 15.50

Where is this?
The Curve shopping mall, in the Street area, 2 door from TGIF.

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