Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Fung Baso Sapi Asli

I've decided to visit this new outlet after reading a post about it at boo_licious blog, masak-masak. I must say the place is not inviting at all, having a not so fancy signboard (it actually looked like a warung sign board, than a cafe), tugged in the last corner of a block and interior setting that looked as if you're gonna dine in a canteen (sorry, yes it's that bad). If it ain't for review I read, I'd just turned away and head for another restaurant nearby. There's so many new restaurant sprouting in Hartamas, and they do looked nice (from the outside of course).

So, I can't really write this visits the usual way I did, short and crisp. I just need a place to complain, just bear with me. I've been complaining non-stop during the meal and my friend was like "Shhs... that's enough.". The food is NOT NICE!

We enter the shop, albeit with a "GULP!" feeling. Saw the boss (really bossy face, like those really mean boss).

Me: Hi, what's special here?

Boss: MEATBALL - full stop

My Inner Voice: WTF? Do you sell VEGETARIAN BALL you idiot!

Me: Oh, so which of these are good? (pointing menu item 1 to 5)

Boss: Number 1 to 5 - full stop

Me: I see, erm... give me item 1 (Beef Ball soup - RM5.80)

Friend: What other nice one you'd recommend?

Boss: Item 1 to 5 - full stop

Friend: Oh, ok. Erm what is Beefball Special?

Boss: Its mixture of Item 1 and 3 - full stop

Friend: Oh... (like very fascinated like that...), give me that then

Boss: Drink?

Us: Sosro tea please.

Customer service sucks, BIG TIME. I figured the boss really should hire some friendly waiter to serve his customers. I'd never wanted to come in this shop again, with this kinda sucky service. And about the food, nothing to brag about, apart from the fact that they are specialty shop selling Indonesian themed Beefballs noodle (as well as chicken and fish). The noodle was soggy, not springy at all; the soup was so-the-wanton-mee-soup, like those you can find in kopitiam (literal translation: ajinomoto soup).

I'm so not gonna step into this shop again, but anyway, here's the pictures.

Teh Sosro - RM 2.50

Fireball - Flour ball with chili slices, "seafood" and lots of deep fried oil (can't taste anything besides flour and oil)

RM 3.00 for 3 balls

Beefball with Tofu - RM 8.50

Beefball Special - RM 9.80

Beefball Soup - RM 5.80

Dont bother to ask for the address, I ain't gonna post it here either. My advice is, don't go! Anyway, second opinion is always good. I know my post is mean to this shop, but it's very disappointing for my visit. Get over to boo_licious blog to read her review, if you're keen to taste the food yourself ;)

Hot Mama Sg Wang

Cheesy Chanai Roll wrapped with chicken and vege.

One of the special item in Hot Mama, wrapped with cheddar cheese, roasted chicken, romaine lettuce and thinly sliced cucumber and carrot in chanai sheet. Not bad, but the sauce are the usual ready made Thai Chili Sause with hint of lemon juice.

RM 5.90 for 3 slice.

Hot Mama Sg Wang Level 4

Monday, September 18, 2006

Mdm Wong Cafe - Sg Wang

Found this photos in my phone, guess its been there for sometime and I just forgot to post it up here. Not a lot to write of, at least it does justice to me for not updating my blog in 2 weeks. Anyway, here's the food we dug ourself into at Madam Wong Cafe. Its on the same floor with the Game Zone, 2nd floor, right in front of the escalator.

The interior was kinda funky, rounder white chair, those contemporary kind. And the waiter was actually quite friendly. Food, its was just ok if not worst, but I like their "tong sui".

Dessert - Chocolate pudding.

Tong sui - Honey sea coconut with white fungus.

Fried Bihun with Fried Chicken Wing - Don't you think it looks like a better presentation of canteen version of Bihun Goreng, yeah, something like that; but they add a little bit of extra flavour by dropping in some "daun limau purut".

Seafood Asam with Rice - Not really the kind of asam I'm expecting. It taste more like over-sour tomyam and ingredient wise, kinda stingy.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Restoran Arang

In Short:
Malay owned restaurant serving a mixture of food selections of chinese, malay and western cuisine. Price and food are of average value while it does not take too long to have your food served.

The menu book.

The Food:

The usual suspect you can find at any gerai or kopitiam:
Fresh Orange - RM 2.80
Ice Lemon Tea - RM 1.80
Carrot Milk - RM 2.80

Nasi Goreng Belacan - Gotto loved this. The rice are fragrant, thanks to the generous amount of belacan and it was not too spicy as well. Served along with fish crackers.

RM 4.80

Nasi Goreng Cina with Salted Fish - Fried rice with prawn and fish cake slices, topped with salted fish crump alongside fish crackers. Nothing outstanding, it just the usual fried rice.

RM 4.80

Nasi Goreng Pattaya - Chinese style fried rice with prawn and fish cake slices wrapped in egg omelette. Basically it's the same fried rice as above without the salted fish crumble.

RM 5.80

Tofu in Oyster Sauce with Egg - Deep fried slices of Japanese egg tofu served in oyster sauce and egg's white. Tofu are fried golden brown but the sauce are a little bit disappointed, lack of taste and quite bland.

RM 3.50

Deep Fried Buttered Prawn - Literally, you can see what's been served here. Really disappointed with this one. I was expecting something more presentable than a plate consists of 6 little prawn on top of coarsely chopped cabbage without any effort to make it look good at all. Served with bottled Thai sauce.

RM 6.80

Sup Tulang - I was caught by suprise as it was served in a huge bowl although I ordered the small one. It was the usual sup tulang concoction and the meat was tender enough to just slip off from the bone. Overall, this is a good one.

RM 5.20

19G, Jalan Melati Utama 4 Melati Utama, Setapak, 53100, KL.
Phone: 012-279 2651

Its located along the road towards Genting Highland, near by TAR College. You can't missed it, its a new row of bright yellow building just besides the main road.