Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Fung Baso Sapi Asli

I've decided to visit this new outlet after reading a post about it at boo_licious blog, masak-masak. I must say the place is not inviting at all, having a not so fancy signboard (it actually looked like a warung sign board, than a cafe), tugged in the last corner of a block and interior setting that looked as if you're gonna dine in a canteen (sorry, yes it's that bad). If it ain't for review I read, I'd just turned away and head for another restaurant nearby. There's so many new restaurant sprouting in Hartamas, and they do looked nice (from the outside of course).

So, I can't really write this visits the usual way I did, short and crisp. I just need a place to complain, just bear with me. I've been complaining non-stop during the meal and my friend was like "Shhs... that's enough.". The food is NOT NICE!

We enter the shop, albeit with a "GULP!" feeling. Saw the boss (really bossy face, like those really mean boss).

Me: Hi, what's special here?

Boss: MEATBALL - full stop

My Inner Voice: WTF? Do you sell VEGETARIAN BALL you idiot!

Me: Oh, so which of these are good? (pointing menu item 1 to 5)

Boss: Number 1 to 5 - full stop

Me: I see, erm... give me item 1 (Beef Ball soup - RM5.80)

Friend: What other nice one you'd recommend?

Boss: Item 1 to 5 - full stop

Friend: Oh, ok. Erm what is Beefball Special?

Boss: Its mixture of Item 1 and 3 - full stop

Friend: Oh... (like very fascinated like that...), give me that then

Boss: Drink?

Us: Sosro tea please.

Customer service sucks, BIG TIME. I figured the boss really should hire some friendly waiter to serve his customers. I'd never wanted to come in this shop again, with this kinda sucky service. And about the food, nothing to brag about, apart from the fact that they are specialty shop selling Indonesian themed Beefballs noodle (as well as chicken and fish). The noodle was soggy, not springy at all; the soup was so-the-wanton-mee-soup, like those you can find in kopitiam (literal translation: ajinomoto soup).

I'm so not gonna step into this shop again, but anyway, here's the pictures.

Teh Sosro - RM 2.50

Fireball - Flour ball with chili slices, "seafood" and lots of deep fried oil (can't taste anything besides flour and oil)

RM 3.00 for 3 balls

Beefball with Tofu - RM 8.50

Beefball Special - RM 9.80

Beefball Soup - RM 5.80

Dont bother to ask for the address, I ain't gonna post it here either. My advice is, don't go! Anyway, second opinion is always good. I know my post is mean to this shop, but it's very disappointing for my visit. Get over to boo_licious blog to read her review, if you're keen to taste the food yourself ;)


H3ctor said...

Ergh, to me the only thing tasty enough is the beefball itself..others like the beehoon, the soup, even the drink is such an euwwing to my stomach. the beefball is not even extraord n to price it at rm8.50 is ridiculous. the ice lemon tea -.-" i cud get 3 glasses of 100x better taste sumwhere else for the rm3 price. Anyway i finished up everythin cuz i was darn hungry ^_^

boo_licious said...

Is this the chinese fella? I went when they first opened (I think within a mth of their opening) and service was ok then. Things must have really deteriorated.

H3ctor said...

yea it was a chinese fella, quite tall with average uncle build n quite tall.. n yah maybe the very few daily revenue drove him to that emotional retardness hole ;P kiddin ^_^

hipskyhigh said...

hai magicwizard and anyone out there...u should go now...the shop has been taking over by new boss ( half malaysian and half indonesian) and the service is even better,,,,,,and they had new menu "ayam penyet" .I already try it and i like it....but the "tea botol " is so expensive ....if in jakarta it's cost only RM0.80.....may be can reduce some more..