Monday, September 18, 2006

Mdm Wong Cafe - Sg Wang

Found this photos in my phone, guess its been there for sometime and I just forgot to post it up here. Not a lot to write of, at least it does justice to me for not updating my blog in 2 weeks. Anyway, here's the food we dug ourself into at Madam Wong Cafe. Its on the same floor with the Game Zone, 2nd floor, right in front of the escalator.

The interior was kinda funky, rounder white chair, those contemporary kind. And the waiter was actually quite friendly. Food, its was just ok if not worst, but I like their "tong sui".

Dessert - Chocolate pudding.

Tong sui - Honey sea coconut with white fungus.

Fried Bihun with Fried Chicken Wing - Don't you think it looks like a better presentation of canteen version of Bihun Goreng, yeah, something like that; but they add a little bit of extra flavour by dropping in some "daun limau purut".

Seafood Asam with Rice - Not really the kind of asam I'm expecting. It taste more like over-sour tomyam and ingredient wise, kinda stingy.


H3ctor said...

i soooo despise with a vengeance, one of the waitress who served us..

waitress: ok,drinks?
magicwizard: gimme this.(tong sui)
h3ctor: ice lemon tea pls.
magicwizard: u dun wanna try these(tong sui)?
waitress: aii, hes not chinese, sure dunno how to drink these kinda things one..(with a bitchy tone n expression,leavin the table)

i was like what the f*??? i just wish she knew that i prolly grew up drinkin more of those than she had breastmilk!*&%#$^*@*&# ratings 4/10. minus another one for the stupid waitress.

boo_licious said...

wow! the waitess sounds awful! You should have walked out straight away.

H3ctor said...

lol we were too hungry to care bout her.. but after the not so impressive feast, ur rite, we shud ve walked away O.o