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Bali - Day 1 : Happy Birthday

Thursday, 1st March 207

It has been a long time since I update this blog. Work has taken lots of my time and well, I just got back from holiday and it was a really really fun one. So I decided to update the blog with my Bali trip instead of the normal food spread. I'm also growing to like taking pictures. Got this Canon 300D SLR camera from my colleague for this holiday and I'm sure I do love taking pictures with this baby! I'm thinking on getting one SLR camera myself but well, that's beside this post. Let's go on to my holiday photo journal, and Happy Birthday to me!

Boarding plane to Bali, LCCT. Bali here we come!

Noel doozing off on a 3 hours flight, KLIA-BALI.

View from our 3rd floor rooms, Dewi Seri Hotel, Kuta.

Down to beach, 10 minutes walk from hotel.

I miss the beach so much - Ben.

Noel, Miu and Ben. We're here at Kuta Beach!

Huge air conditioning unit - RipCurl.

Huge rain pouring down at night. Just at the right time when we're ready to hit the street for dinner and some nite site seeing. Lasted almost an hour and never stops for the night.

Wild Ginger Restaurant along Jalan Laksamana in Seminyak. It was 9.30pm when we reach here. This place look awesome and their tasting menu sounds reasonable enough with the amount of food we got to taste. We ordered 3 set of tasting menu which gave us a chance to taste 3 appetiser, 3 Seafood dish, 3 meat dish, 3 dessert and each person with a bowl of mango sorbet (did I mentioned their sorbet are excellent?).

Ms Dayu, the Restaurant Manager is courteous enough to explained to us and introduced us on what's good on their menu. She is so friendly that she's sitting along with us and tell us about what's hot and not of Bali besides passing on some tips on getting around and making most of our time here.

Here's the delicious food we had, go knock yourself out!

Thai Squid & Mushroom Salad
Fried squid ring and mushroom, garlic, shallot, red chillis and lemon grass. Tossed in lemon soy sauce dressing with pieces of fried peanut.

Grilled Beef Salad
Spicy Beef sliced thinly served with cucumber, onion, tomato and baby racula on mustard and Suna Cekuh dressing sauce.

Sate Lilit Campur
Mixed Sate Lilit sticks consists of Sate Lilit Fish, Sate Lilit Seafod and Sate Lilit Lamb served with "Peyek Kacang"; a kind of Indonesian crispy peanut crackers. Dip with Sweet Soy Lemon Sauce.

Chili Crab
Fried Crispy Soft Shell Crab with Spicy Home Made Chili Sauce, Cai Sin Cabbage and Baby Corn
Personally, I felt the sauce can use a little more chili as it taste slightly sweet.

Mixed Grill Seafood
King Prawns, Squid and Snapper filet with Herbed Butter Lemon Sauce. Served with mixed salad and baby potatos.
The fish is excellent and the lemon sauce was fabulous. The squid are slightly overcook but of acceptable taste and the prawn was tender and sweet. Loved this too.

Udang Bakar
Grilled King Prawns served with Young Jackfruit and Fern Tip Lawar style.
This was served with the same Herbed Lemon Sauce as the Mixed Grill and the prawn are just fresh and grilled to just nice condition.

Saute Beef in Wasabi Sauce
Button Mushroom, Onion, Capsicum, Chive & Wakame Seaweed in Cream Mustard Wasabi Sauce.
The seaweed provide a chewy texture to this dish while the beef used are of tender quality. The cream mustard wasabi sauce could use a little bit more wasabi though as there's a heavy mustard and cream taste and less of wasabi. Maybe they're catering more to western taste which is not used to getting too hot stuff.

Bebek Betutu
Slow roasted Half-Local Duck in Famous Ubud Betutu Sauce. Served with Saute Spinach and Grated Coconut.
Ben noted that it taste like Pork Leg Vinegar while I think of it has sort of sherry vinegar with orange peel taste. It was cooked very well and the meat literally teared off from the bones. We generally think that if this is to be our main dish alone (since we ordered tasting menu, the portion are smaller), it would be too heavy as the sauce are strongly absorbed by the meat and you will just felt it is over-powering.

Gingiskan Lamb (no spelling mistake, this is how the menu is written)
Grill Australin Lamb leg marinated in Japanese Gingiskan Sauce with saute Asian mixed vegetable.
Bite size pieces of lamb grilled perfectly and juicy. You can definitely taste the sweet taste of the lamb once you bite it in your mouth minus the usual lamb odour. Great!

Strawberry Cake
Sponge Fill with Blended Strawberry Pastry Cream served with vanilla ice cream.

Brem Chocolate Tart
Compound chocolate tart, flavored with Balinese Black Rice Liquer, served with Coconut Sorbet
This one is heavenly. The chocolate tart that look as if it was a solid piece of pastry simply melt in your mouth within seconds, making you ponder - how the hell did they make this so good?

Black Rice Panna Cotta
Indonesian Black Rice Prridge & Jack Fruit, in Gelatin Flavored with Coffee Liquer, served with Orange Sorbet.

Getting a photo with the Restaurant Manager, Ms Dayu who is definitely helpful and friendly, one of the best thing to happened on our 1st day in Bali. This place is highly recommended for dinner and we will definitely come back to dine here.

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