Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bali - Day 2 : Jimbaran Bay

Friday, 2nd March 2007

Our day trip around Bali today was quite amazing with yet to have bad encounter. It was finally broken when we realized we have not enough Rupiah with us and needed to change the USD we had. Dandy drove us to one of the Money Changer along Legian Street and reminded us to count the money before leaving. Here's what happened:

1) We asked to exchanged our USD100 to Rupiah
2) Exchange rate was USD1 to RP9600, so total would be RP 960,000
3) That guy gave us 9 stack of RP20,000, each amounting to RP100,000 and another RP60,000
4) Count to us 3 times, and kinda pissed off with Ben when Ben started to felt agitated and getting the feeling something is wrong
5) Final count - the fourth time, we gave him back the stacks that we counted
6) He gave us back the stacks and ask for our USD100
7) Exchanged money

The next thing we know when we're in the van and starts to count while Dandy starts to move, we're short of RP300,000!! That's about RM120! Dandy was slightly furious and make a U-Turn at the small street heading back to the shop and repeatedly apologizes for not going down with us.

The second time around, the Money Changer's boy referred us to his "boss" and we told him that the amount we received was not right. He oblidge and counted the our exchanged money and gave us back our USD100 instead of giving us the short amount of RP300,000.

Dandy reiterate to us that no wonder the rate was so high, it was a fraud shop. The USD exchange rate to Rupiah was only around USD1 to RP9,000 this week.

So we got back on the van, head to another shop to exchange our money and Dandy came down with us. We were told then by this shop that our USD not was an old note, dated year 1996. Damn it! We got tricked again by the previous shop!! Our note should be of year 2003 as we've got 2 notes of USD100. We ended up getting RP880,000 instead of RP910,000. Total lost, RP30,000 - translated to around RM12.

Moral of the story, becareful when you do exchange money in Bali. Get a local to accompany you if you could.

We were a little frustrated in the van but do continue with our next destination, Jimbaran Bay; hoping dining by the sea side would cheers us up. It definitely does as we spend quite a long time enjoying our sea food dinner.

The row of seafood cafe along Jimbaran Bay, I'm told that your trip to Bali must be accompanied by a romantic seafood dinner by the sea in Jimbaran.

The sea breeze keep your cool while getting on with the hot and spicy seafoods served.

Our choice of seafoods - White Snapper, King Prawns, Squids and Clams. All were grilled with chili and spicies. The White Snapper was a little bit overcooked and Ben was complaining the prawn is not as fresh. Not particularly amazing dinner but the ambience by the sea can very well give plus point to the dining experience.

Ready to eat!

Err.. what's going on at the back there?

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