Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bali - Day 2 : Monkey Forest

Friday, 2nd March 2007

We were in doubt initially as to whether or not to go. It doesn't quite jive with us, city boys visiting forest to see monkeys? Kinda funny to think about but well, looking at our itinerary without much choice and the fact that it's on our way down back to Jimbaran later on, we go ahead with the idea suggested by Dandy.

Getting to the Monkey Forest in Alas Kedaton was about 30 minutes drive from Taman Ayun. It turned out to be a different Monkey Forest that I thought off. There is another Monkey Forest that is located in Ubud, famous for it's deep forest and having 3 very distintive temples that would really take sometime to explore, but well, ours was not as bad. It turned out that monkeys are actually quite cute and indeed very clever. There were occasional fights for peanuts and I gotto say that the scene was rather scary.

Entrance is quite expensive for Bali standard, RP10,000. We were informed by our park guide that there's roughly 500 monkeys in the forest. I'm not counting though.

Ben feeding the monkey "leader". All other monkeys went running away once this "elder" come for his peanuts and wouldn't let you go until you empty your peanuts bag!!

Look closer, this is not ordinary tree. There're more than 50 bats getting their day nap. Imagine when the night approach, eeww!!

Baby monkey - looking absolutely adorable.

We were lead the park tour's shop at the end of our visit. She suggested us to look around her shop and check out the souvenier items offered. I'm not sure how true the story was but she's iterating to us that they (all shops in the park) are put on a 1 week queue to have chance to guide a tourist (or group) and bring them to their shop once they finish touring the park. We did not reject visiting her shop but there's really no interesting item that catch our eyes. We actually offered her cash as a token of appreciation of the short tour instead of buying anything but she rejected. Ben ended up getting a small figurine that cost around RP40,000.

Next destination > Tanah Lot, The Floating Temple

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