Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bali - Day 2 : The Floating Temple

Friday, 2nd March 2007

One of the most prominent landmark in Bali that you should not missed, The Floating Temple in Tanah Lot. It was an amazing view and you wouldn't believe the crowds here even during this low season. I can't imagine how packed it would be if we were to be here in July or August.

Along the road heading to Tanah Lot, paddy field that you can't see in Kuala Lumpur.

Welcome to Tanah Lot, the main entrance.

Overview of the main floating temple on the hill top.

Say cheese, we're here in Tanah Lot!

The main floating temple. The temple is said to be inaccessible when the sea water rise, thus the name Floating Temple.

One of the art gallery on the hill top.

The other side of Tanah Lot, further up the hill from the main temple. We're heading here to take pictures, as close to the sea as possible!

A little frighten standing on the edge, the wind is strong while the sea waves just won't stop splashing!

Absolutely loving the place and of course, the camera. Reminds me of how happy kids would be when given candy... do they still buy those tricks?

We're shooting the next Ayumi MV... starring... Noel Hector! Stop dreaming ok!

We're leaving already? Arrghhh... I wanna stay here!

Next destination > Jimbaran Bay

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