Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bali - Day 2 : The Royal Temple

Friday, 2nd March 2007

After discussing about where we should be going and how to go about Bali, we decided to go ahead with hiring a driver that will drive us to our itinerary instead of paying for those organised tour where they had a fixed plan for us on the entire day. It took us more than an hour comparing prices from brochures Noel got from the airport yesterday before deciding to kick off our 2nd day to Taman Ayun - The Royal Temple, Monkey Forest, Tanah Lot - Floating Temple and to have our seafood dinner at Jimbaran Bay.

We took on Dayu advice to give a ring to her recommended tourist driver, Dandy who offered us his service on Day 1 for RP250,000 while Day 2 will cost us RP270,000.

Standing right in front of the Bali Bombing Memorial. Yes, our hotel is right at the end of the small road across the 2nd Bali bomb attack location, right behind ESC.

Walking up ESC to have our quick lunch. Nice place, serving American style sandwiches similar to those of O'Brien and other stuff as well.

Getting nostalgic in ESC, looking down the busy street of Kuta.

Hop on and aboard! In Dandy's van and heading to our first location, Taman Ayun - The Royal Temple.

Entrance of The Royal Temple in Taman Ayun, it took us about an hour to reach here.

Paying for tickets into the temple, around RP6,000 - if i'm not mistaken :P

Getting into the temple compound, obviously I'm not holding the camera and looking a little.. i don't know.

One of the statue hanging, or rather sticking on one of the tower's corner. Could be any of the Hindu deities but well, we didn't really bother to play tourist and ask.

Two very willingly volunteers doing their "thang" for the camera.

I'm not quite sure what this suppose to be but it definitely look like some sort of lion or some sacred animal maybe.

The main entrance to the main temple compound. Prohibited area though. We're allowed to just walk around it, which pretty much allowed us to see what's in there.

One of the statue guarding the entrance into the main temple's compound.

The inner part of the temple, with a lots of pagoda styled structures with multi-layered roof made from wheat straws.

Pomelo tree. Never seen one myself, what about you?

This little bug caught my attention, sitting still and looking beautiful.

Guarding the tree maybe?

Lotus growing along the small waterpath surrounding the temple.

Hoping for some catch today.

Next destination > Monkey Forest

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