Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bali - Day 4 : Heading Home

Sunday, 4th March 2007

3 days passed and time flies real fast when you're happy and enjoying what you're doing. Noel was complaining when the trip started as to whether or not we do have things to do in 4 days. I guess it turned out there are still a lot more to explore in Bali if we did have the time but it's our last day in Bali.

We don't exactly have a plan today but the idea was to just walk around town, starting from Kuta where we stay and check out places nearby we have not been. I've made it clear to both Ben and Noel that we will get our breakfast at 7am and hitting the street 45 minutes later so as to not waste the last few hours we have in Bali.

Poppy Lane - The backpacker street, we didn't really know it until today, lots of small shops including cyber cafe and 24 hours convenient store. It also lead us directly to the beach instead of walking a huge round using the main street.

Salon Babi - I don't think anyone in their sane mind will choose this name for their salon in KL .

The Beach Boys, couldn't get enough of the beach. It felt good to just walk the beach and do nothing but stares into the sea, enjoying every minutes of the seabreeze.

At the end of Kuta beach, there's this temple that we're not aware of and some sort of stage with 2 dragon guardian leading up the steps

Daily offerings are common sights throughout the day in Bali.

Artist at work.

It reads "Sekolah Dasar Nomor 4, Kuta" and my guess is, it's definitely a school.

Blue Bird's taxi are everywhere in Bali, make sure you do ask whether or not they run by meter before you hop in.

I'm intrigue with this tree that has sort of wheat straws in red color growing downwards. It might look eerie at night but well, it's still interesting for me.

Found this shop was rather cute and cheeky. Pinked colored prawn monuments greeting you into the restaurant.

A horse carriage in the city

Discovery Shopping Mall - a new shopping mall in Bali. The Lonely Planet guide book describes it perfectly, an ugly white blot overlooking Kuta.

The huge spiral monuments outside the mall.

Not sure what this is called, its the sort of thing that let you sits in and send you to the sky and send you have back on the ground in seconds and up again. Not for the faint hearted - like me.

Getting some rest in Bebek Angsa Cafe - cute name for a cafe.

Last minute shopping.

Checking out and ready to go home.

That's all about our Bali trip. It was a blast and we loved every minute of it, or rather not some of it. Hope you loved the pictures I posted up. Let's get back to work people!

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