Saturday, April 14, 2007

Madam Kwan Mid Valley

Madam Kwan gave me a very bad service experience about 5 years ago. That was when I first dine in their KLCC's branch where I find their waiters are extremely snobbish. From that experience alone, I told myself not to ever, ever stepped in to dine here again although I remember how good their Nasi Bojari was.

Why they are snobbish? For me personally, I think the waiters look at us as though we're a bunch of kid that do not have a lot of money to spend, or maybe do not have the money to spend and decided to served us last and not attending to our request. Located in KLCC where tourist are lots abound and our service industry performing double standards in their customer service, totally unacceptable. Undeniable however that their food are still of top quality as I decided to tag along with my friends to have dinner in the Mid Valley branch. If I am to choose where to dine, Madam Kwan will not be the first choice ever. Customer service is very important for me and if you tried to served me like I don't have the money to eat, I keep that close to my heart.

Nevertheless, let's spread a little joy of the tasty food but suck-iest customer service of Madam Kwan:

Nasi Bojari

Nasi Lemak

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Cosmic Favorite said...

When I get bad customer service, I will act very snobbish hehe! And make them feel small because I am the one they are waiting upon!