Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Nong & Jimmy Seafood

It was exciting to be here as this is the 3rd attempt we tried to dine here. The first time was last Monday, where Derrick planned to spend us for his birthday but they were closed and we head to Unique Fisherman Seafood instead. The second time was last Saturday. Ben, Noel and myself came for dinner at 9.30PM, the place was packed and by the time I found my parking space and get out of the car, we were told that their kitchen had closed as all the seafood sold out!

We're here today for Noel's birthday and got to taste the food at last! Happy 24th Birthday Noel. Footing the bill wasn't so bad the deal as I got to write review, something I loved but hardly have to time to do so these days.

Fried rice with prawn - golden coloured plate of fried rice, thanks to the generous amount of eggs with 3 huge prawns in each serving. I find the rice are slightly oily but the taste was superb. Couldn't beat my very own mom's prawn fried rice though.

Grilled Squids with Thai Chili Sauce - loved this. The squid were grilled just right to retain the moisture without sacrifying the springy texture. The smoked taste from the grilled process blends in perfectly with the Thai Chili Sauce .

Kangkong Belacan - the usual Kangkong Belacan dish but I find they have a very spicy version here. The could also consider throwing in another sprinkle or two of Belacan powder as I find this is rather bland.

Seafood Tom Yam - the review in FriedChillies.com says that the Tom Yam here tasted closest to the authentic Thai Tom Yam but I personally think the other way round. The Tom Yam was extremely spicy and the sour taste was over-powering while the lack of texture made the soup rather watery. Perfect balance of taste is definitely a lack of quality in this soup but well, we could always blame the crowd for the drop in quality. "We're too busy!!" (just kidding!)

Steamed Talapia Fish in Thai Sauce - this dish was alright but the lack of sauce leave us a huge fish without much of dipping to go along with. This could due to the rather big flame under the portable plate candle heater below. The sauce was a mixture of sweet and sour with a little mixture of Thai Chilli Sauce in clear colour, that explains the overall dish that looked rather pale. The sprinkles of fried shallots and chinese coriander definitely added a little colour and fragrant to the dish.

Grilled Crab - house specialty and this is what Nong & Jimmy are famous for. We ordered 2 crabs which was huge enough to serve 4 of us with the additions of other side dishes we have. The crab was huge, but Derrick says that those we are having now are considered small as it was quite late already (around 9PM where we're here). Get your imagination wild on how big it could be if we're here says 7PM? The grill however are slightly too long as the crab's meat are slightly lack of moistures. Their house sauce of Thai Chili Sauce with lime and crushed peanuts tasted really good with the grilled crab.

Although it wasn't the most mind blowing seafood meals, I do look forward to come back here and tuck in more of their grilled stuff instead of those that don't really fancy my tastebud.

How to get to Nong & Jimmy.
From KL and along Jalan Ampang, turn right at the traffic light after Ampang Point towards Kg Pandan.

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