Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Old Town Kopitiam

Kopitiams are like a trends these days. No longer do they look shabby and dirty but Kopitiams can be found in mostly all major shopping malls and they definitely do look good. One of the most agressive player in expanding their business is Old Town Kopitiam. Their latest opening located in Sungai Wang 3rd Floor (along the walk way to the entertainment zone).

The usual fare of Kopitiams made up their menu offerings. Their specialty is of course the brown coloured Butter & Kaya toast.

The famous brown bread Butter & Kaya Toast

Curry mee - loved this, soup are thick and you can literally taste the coconut milk richness.

Lum Mee - looks like school-days canteen Mee Soup, and tasted like one too, but at the price is not 50 cent like in old school days la..

Prawn Mee - tasted alright but I felt the soup are slightly watery. Add in the "Sambal" given does compensate the soup texture.


Cosmic Favorite said...

I love their nichi noodles!!! Love the soup actually. Taste the first slurp and you will go back for more!

earthkid said...

y ur blog die again?never eat rice meh?

magicwizard said...

not yet die la.. very busy leh...

-f-l-o- said...

(alamak.. did i ter-cancelled my previous comment or what)

I wonder if anybody here ever tried ensamaidas before, the Spanish pastry, pride of Mallorcans.

Loved it.. it's no kuih keria but it's very very very very soft and tsk tsk.. very nice.

Shud post more about it in my blog soon. Been tergendala for a while. Sigh.