Monday, April 02, 2007

Unique Fisherman Seafood Restaurant

Brand new seafood restaurant along Jalan Cheras (the road opposite Leisure Mall, slightly further down). You will not missed this new place as they are very brightly lit and a big sign that says "Unique Seafood" that will definitely have you glancing their way each time you passed by the road.

Greeting you by the road side.

Of the food we ordered, I liked the mussel best as well as their house specialty kailan dish, Fried Kailan with Anchovies. The kailan leaves was sliced finely and deep fried to crunchy texture together with anchovies spreading on top of a plate of fried kailan. The result was superb, the crunchy leaves blends very well with the shrimps and it gives a slight taste similar to those of arrow root. Love this dish very much.

Fried Kailan with Anchovies

Fried Mussel in House Sauce - a sauce mixture that claimed to made up the 4 main taste - Sweet, Sour, Bitter and Spicy. Mussel was fresh and juicy while the sauce is not over-powering.

An ugly looking Deep Fried Talapia covered in Sambal Sauce. I was about to take photo when the waiter eagerly wanted to served us the fish and began cutting the poor fish into portions. On the dish itself, the fish is very meaty and not overcook, the skin is crunchy while maintaining the flesh moisture, covered in a palatable sambal paste.

Crab with Salty Egg - another house specialty, not quite to our taste bud. The first thought that came into my mind once I had it in my mouth was "Mooncake". It's funny but yes, that's what ran into my mind. Perhaps the salty egg yolk was a little bit too heavy.

Fresh prawns in Premium Soy Sauce, a little too salty to my liking and prawn size are too small.

Seafood galore:

Stairs of seafood in aquarium.

Ugly sea monster - Snow Crab

Fresh bed of mussel

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