Saturday, August 25, 2007

Empayar Seremban Siew Pow

I was down in Seremban two weeks back and this is kind of a delayed post. Work has been busy and me away from writing. You must be wondering, am I writing about the famous Seremban Siew Pow? Well, no I'm not. We decided to check out this place after watching Ho Chak, which featured the in-house breed fresh water prawn utilizing Japanese technology that leaves the prawn completely free of the usually found black tiny waste at it's back.

Let's get started with the food.

The entrance - it's a huge sign board that make it impossible for anyone to not notice this place, at least from the highway.

The place - dining place was as huge as the sign board outside. It easily seat up to 500 people with a stage for performance or entertainment.

The menu, that's it.

The live stock/breeding area.

The prawn.

The huge crabs.

Superior Soup Dipped Prawn (RM33 per kg) - we were recommended this dish as the starter. It was a simple dish, prawn that get awash lightly in Superior Soup to bring out it's natural sweetness. A quick dip in the soy sauce served alongside enhanced the taste and the crunchiness will keep your hand busy with another serving. Sweet!

The prawn, absolutely clean and you can see the texture that has that crunchiness you'd like for your prawn.

Fried Tapioka Leaves with Garlic (RM8) - The taste was alright but the portion is absolutely too small for 5 person.

Steamed Red Talapia in Blended Ginger/Garlic Sauce (RM22) - The sauce was superb. The fragrant of the ginger and garlic mix is so good that I forgot the last time I loved this dish. A definite must try if you're a fan of your neighborhood restaurant of the same dish. You'd come back for this the next time around.

Deep Fried Crab is House Specialty Sauce (RM 45 per kg) - Loved this dish. It makes me wonder why Ho Chak never feature their crab dish. The crab was huge, deep fried before tossed in the House Specialty sauce that came in a mixture of sweet and hot with a slight sour taste. Excellent.

Steamed Tofu and Egg topped with Minced Chicken in Soy Sauce - Not really a fan of this. It wasn't anything special and the taste was rather bland. I'd prefer the usual flair of just steamed egg which would taste better than this one.

How to get there?
Empayar Seremban Siew Pow is located in Kepayang, Negeri Sembilan. You should take the left turn once you pay your toll tickets at the Seremban Exit. Once you took the left turn, there's a left and right option. Take the left road and keep to your right to make a U-Turn before the traffic light junctions. Keep to your left afterwards and take the 2 left small road. Drive straight and you will see the Pasar Borong Kepayang where the restaurant is located.

Price do change based on season, the usual rules for Seafood restaurant so do expect differences in price when you plan to visit.

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Big Boys Oven said...

Those seafood is a glamorous delicious... great recommendation!

Big Boys Oven said...

So where do you hang around for food?

yammylicious said...

the prawn look fresh!! yammm~ simple and nice =)

Precious Pea said...

Passed by the highway and saw this place few times but tot to myself, what a big place selling siu pao. Didn't know got seafood restaurant inside. Must make a pit stop next time.

boo! said...

Awesome prawns!!! I am so hungry now! By the way i am on the 8th floor whilst u're on the 7th... next time u hit the prawns, call me la... :-)

jelly said...

i didnt know they serve other food. i tot only siew pau!